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Jonathan Segel
"Non-Linear Accelerator"

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JONATHAN SEGEL: non-linear accelerator

Jonathan Segel Bio

Jonathan Segel -Non-Linear Accelerator
MAG0023 - CD

RELEASE DATE: December 7, 2004
  1. voice and dust 02:30
  2. antsy 06:47
  3. altaira 07:00
  4. drive part 1 07:57
  5. drive part 2 07:58
  6. drive part 3 08:22
  7. crinkle 11:07
  8. breadth 12:57
  9. ellie altair 15:11

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An all-Electronic music CD, this 80-minute collection combines music composed for dance companies, theatre presentations and just plain-old weirdness. Lots of samples and synthesis, field recordings and feeling.


recorded material from Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sweden, Peru etc.

voices of thuy tran, jane thompson, anne hege, noelle debruhl, lata mageshkar

drums of russ blackmar

Drive was written for the Nesting Dolls Dance Company performance of the same name, choreographed by Cid Pearlman, video by Ann Kaneko.

premiered November 2000 at Highways in Santa Monica, CA.

Breadth is a stereo reduction of a piece for 16 channel spatialized sound which premiered at the Transparent Tape Music Festival in Berkeley CA, Aug. 2002

Ellie Altair was written for Ellie Leonhardt Dance Company. premiered Feb 2003 at Mills College, Oakland CA.

cover art by edie winograde and richard gann

photo by edie