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Dina with The Abstractions from Kathodik

Jonathan makes pop music, from Pop Matters

Dina in Tone Test

technical specs:

from the human end, we use at least three microphones. one is strictly on dina's voice. two are a stereo pair for the ambient environment, or if possible on the wine glasses and an additional pair of ambient mics. jonathan's violin, guitar or bass usually goes directly into one of the computer interfaces, although sometimes through an external amplifier as well.

there are three computers that make this music happen. two are macintosh powerbooks and one is a sharp actius.

dina's powerbook is a titanium model, 800mhz, using a digidesign mbox to output sound. she is running SuperCollider and VSTi Host most of the time.

jonathan's powerbook is an aluminum model, 1.5ghz, also using an mbox, running SuperCollider, Max/MSP, Abelton Live, and occaisonal other applications.

jonathan's sharp laptop is running fedora core 3 linux distribution from planet-ccrma. it uses an RME Multiface and acts not only as a sound source but as the mixer for the other computers. this one runs SuperCollider, Freqtweak, Hydrogen, JackRack, and other linux-specific applications.

generally the vocal mic and the instrument line run into jonathan's powerbook's mbox inputs, with an insert that runs these inputs into channels 3&4 of the RME Multiface. the outputs of this mbox run into channels 5&6, while the outputs of dina's mbox run into channels 7&8. the stereo ambient mics run into a FMR audio RNP preamp, then into channels 1&2 of the RME. all of these inputs are routed to channel 1&2 outputs, mixed with the linux application outputs.

for a performance, all that is needed is to output the stereo output pair to a sound system! that, and a table or two to put it all on.