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Jack and Jill
"Fancy Birdhouse "

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Download: "I’m an Idiot"

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Jack and Jill Bio
Jack and Jill - Fancy Birdhouse
MAG008 - CD
  1. The Tide Will Turn 3:40
  2. Into the Lapping Waves 5:28
  3. Before You Could 2:35
  4. You Are Free 4:35
  5. One Step Forward 3:40
  6. An Eagle Takes Not Flies 4:00
  7. I’m An Idiot 2:42
  8. Keep Your Revs Up 4:23
  9. Drink It Down 2:17
  10. I’ve Seen A Goat 5:08
  11. And Yer Bird Can Sing 3:32
  12. Nicolai 3:54
  13. If You Really Loved Me 3:12
  14. True Love 4:31

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4’08" (ok, we were 25 seconds short. we tried, damn it.)
harmonium music
Rock the Night
One Step Dubward.

More tunes from Magnetic’s pre-eminent rock trio, ambassadors of that popular rock music that the kids are so fond of these days. Actually recorded in a studio this time, (well, mostly...) this set of 14 tunes ranges from lush to raw, songs written by the band plus their unique takes on a few cover tunes including songs by the Beatles, Leonard Dillon and Europe!

Lead vocals by both Jonathan and Jane, and Russ even lends his voice to utter the word “rock”. Includes an 11 minute dub remix of “One Step Forward” and cameo voices of famous actresses.

  • Russ Blackmar on drumming and percussing things. also spoke a few words.
    Jane Thompson played the bass and sang alot. she wrote several of the songs, too.
    Jonathan Segel played the guitar and sang, also played violin and keyboards and annoyed everybody with his little micro tape recorder with which he taped several people unwittingly whose voices ended up on the cd. These include a FAMOUS ACTRESS (Lisa Gerstein).

all songs by Jack and Jill (©1997 Bumps of Goose) except "One Step Forward" by Leonard Dillon, "And Your Bird Can Sing" by Lennon/McCartney or whatever, and "Rock the Night" by Joey Tempest!
Cover art and design by none other than the Mistress of Illusion herself
"Fancy Birdhouse" produced by JES and Rob Beaton, recorded and mixed at Secret Studios by Rob Beaton with overdubs done at the Magnetic Motorworks, behind the house next to the garage.