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Hieronymus Firebrain

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Hieronymus Firebrain - Here
MAG002 - CD 1.
  1. Heaven’s Expanse
  2. Life Blood
  3. Your Penny Silver
  4. Ancient Language#
  5. Don’t Light A Fire Under Me
  6. Atalanta Runs Ahead
  7. Morning Raga*
  8. Still Surfing for the CIA
  9. The Swell
  10. You Shine
  11. Heaven

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Recorded at Polymorph Studios, this CD “elephant-walks all over the stylistic savannah”, showing what a few guys can do when locked in a room with lots of instruments and microphones for a few months. An indelible blot on the face of music for generations to come. An excellent antidote for the hip-alternative music being force-fed to you now.

  • Jonathan Segel: Guitar, Voice, Violin, Accordian, rejetted
  • ORD: Guitar playing and singing, at odds with gravity
  • Ted Ellison: Bass, Spoon Bass, flames leap from his hands
  • Russ Blackmar: Drums, Percussions, cowboy dancing
  • Chris Davis: Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax, master of the plumb line, and electrical master of the PRESENT Magnetic Satellite Studio (as of 2002)

all songs by Hieronymus Firebrain (©1994 Bumps of Goose)
Recorded and mixed at Polymorph Studios, Oakland, CA, at various times throughout 1992 and 1993, Mark Stickman, Dan Rathbun and Lawrence Mannion engineering... except:
* Recorded in New Mexico at the MudHive, October, 1992, engineered by Dave Costanza. Mixed by JES and ORD at Homework Audio, SF,... and:
# Recorded and mixed at Homework Audio, lyrics for "Ancient Language" by JES and Debra Solomon, "Heaven" given much help by Anatol Sucher, courtesy of Twelve Tablets.
Astounding cover art by Richard Gann once again.
Design (and Magnetic Logo design) by Julia Hamblin Design