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Magnetic: 1993-2011

Magnetic was founded in 1993 by Jonathan Segel and Victor Krummenacher to release (mostly) their own recordings. Both had been involved in running independent labels for the last thousand years, starting with the first Pitch-A-Tent records, home of the early Camper Van Beethoven releases.

Magnetic is closed down now as of July 2011, though a few of the CDs are left, most are gone. Feel free to peruse the catalog and CD information pages!

We are migrating to individual websites. Please visit: Victor Krummenacher at ...And Jonathan Segel's music can be found on his site Jonathan Segel or on bandcamp:

Some of these recordings can still be found at at CDBaby or search a bit on Amazon, there are many used copies nowadays! Digital copies can be found on CDBaby, iTunes and many other purveyors of bits, including our own.

Here's most of the stuff on CDBaby: