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McCabe & Mrs Miller
"Time for Leaving"

McCabe & Mrs Miller TFL

Victor Krummenacher

McCabe & Mrs Miller "Time For Leaving"

1. Union City Blues 
2. Come Back to Me 
3. Fare Thee Well 
4. Some Like You 
5. Red Wine & Chocolate 
6. Forgiveness 
7. Playground 
8. Couldn't Sit Still 
9. I Remember California 
10. Your Magic Finger
11. Time For Leaving

McCabe & Mrs. Miller is a collaboration between Victor Krummenacher of Camper Van Beethoven and Alison Faith Levy of The Sippy Cups. Dusty, bluesy, dark and twangy, with violin, mandolin, piano and pedal steel creating a moody, rootsy soundtrack for the sojourn home. Produced by Bruce Kaphan.


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