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Alison Faith Levy
" My World View"


Alison Faith Levy Bio

Alison Faith Levy - My World View
  1. Monkey Bars
  2. Brilliant
  3. Sweet Life
  4. The Apprentice
  5. The Poison
  6. Feel the Whole
  7. Claim the Initial Impulse
  8. My World View
  9. Infidel Brigade
  10. Ball of String
  11. Poetry
  12. Simone

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Former Loud Family keyboardist Alison Faith Levy’s THIRD solo cd, produced again by the prodigious Chris Xefos, mixed by Bruce Kaphan, features Alison on keyboards and vocals.

  • Monkey Bars - Chris Xefos on Tuba and Pianosuarus
    Brilliant - Patrick Goodwin on guitar
    Sweet Life - Victor Krummenacher on Baritone Guitar and vocals, CX on organ and John Moremen on drums (?!)
    The Apprentice - string quartet by Jonathan Segel, played by JES and Sheila Schat
    The Poison - CX on Bass, Gil Ray on Drums and David Immergluck on Guitar
    Feel the Whole - John Moreman on Guitar
    Claim the Initial Impulse - JES on Violin and Viola
    My World View - CX on bass and organ, Gil Ray on drums
    Infidel Brigade - CX on organs and bass, John Moremen on drums, SFX by JES
    Ball of String - VK on guitars, CX on upright bass, JES on mandolin
    Poetry - CX on tuba, Danny Cao on Trumpet and Baritone Horn
    Simone - CX on accordian, JES on violin

all songs © 2000 Strange Little Girl Music /ascap