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Moth Wranglers
"Never Better "

Moth Wranglers Bio

Moth Wranglers - Never Better
MAG0024 - CD

RELEASE DATE: December 7, 2004
  1. never said i’m sorry
  2. love and jump back
  3. overnight sensation
  4. course
  5. no. 13 baby
  6. pledge
  7. better off alone

never better, moth wranglers’ follow-up to 2001’s critically-confused debut CD “never mind the context”, reveals their modus operandi: hi-jack best-of-breed performers from various bands and other less organized situations in order to fulfill their musical destiny — world domination. sinister as that may sound, it’s done for the greater good of music as we know it.

  • performed by: ld beghtol, errol bullet, christopher ewen, doug hilsinger, james jacobs, dudley klute, johnny ray martin, charles newman, jeff potts, myke weiskopf & chris xefos

recorded/mixed at magnetic recording (sf), mother west (nyc) & science park (boston); additional engineering by charles newman, jj golden & myke weiskopf
mastered by bruce kaphan at niagara falls (fremont)