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Moth Wranglers
"Nevermind The Context "

Moth Wranglers Bio

Moth Wranglers - Nevermind The Context
MAG0017 - CD
  1. i never will marry
  2. turnabout
  3. six-page letter
  4. miss fire
  5. the last request of mr. ezra j–
  6. counts for nothing (after mfk fisher)
  7. don’t look now
  8. figure-ground
  9. let go, let me
  10. souvenir
  11. record
  12. yet again
  13. over & out

Moth Wranglers is a band that expands from the duo of former King Missile bassist Chris Xefos and the Magnetic Fields’ ld beghtol. This is their first release, a charming set of not-love songs.

  • creative direction: chris xefos & ld beghtol
  • made by: john ashfield, ld beghtol, aldervan daly, joey defilipps, chuck fiorello, andrew friedman, claudia gonson, doug hilsinger, daniel handler, james jacobs, hadley kahn, bruce kaphan, victor krummenacher, alison faith levy, lisa levy, dave licht, frank london, stephin merritt, john moreman, charles newman, melissa newman, kim rancourt, jonathan segel, lorin sklamberg, ken stringfellow, bill tutton & chris xefos

Tracking: magnetic motorworks (sf), mother west studio (nyc), jonathan’s living room (la), ken’s studio (seattle), polar west (nyc), 8/98 - 05/99
mixed by moth wranglers at mother west.
technical assistance/engineering: charles newman, stephin merritt & jonathan segel
mastered by bruce kaphan
for miss kathy o’hara