Hello this is some old new page. seems like it was from 2003 maybe? so i'm going to include a little FAQ here.

Why is the label called Magnetic?

initially started in 1993 or so, after trying to get other labels interested in putting out Hieronymus Firebrain (note, in 1990 Delta/Fundamental did actually contract the first HF cd which was eponymous, it was printed somewhere in Europe and we only ever saw 50 copies. supposed to have a 4 color cover somehow they printed it in 2. Contract was never paid.), Jonathan started Magnetic in order to use attractive or repulsive forces to gether interest to his music. When the Monks of Doom dissolved, Victor became a partner and we have been putting out mostly our own music ever since. A few things to note here are that the label is called Magnetic and not Magnetic Records or some such (there is a jazz label called Magnetic Records in the UK apparently) which of course will enable us to branch out our business toward world domination, if we can ever ove our capital above a few hundred dollars. Also note, Magnetic is an anagram of MAGIC NET and also GET MANIC.

Why is the website called Magnetic Motorworks?

After the dissolution of Camper Van Beethoven in Santa Cruz in the late 80s/early 90s, both Victor and Jonathan moved to San Francisco. By about 1993 Victor was living in a house which actually had a garage. We worked on our motorcycles in that garage, and next to it was a little room that formerly housed the geek son of the previous family. That little room became a studio, wherein many Magnetic cds were recorded or mixed (and still are as Chris Xefos lives in this house today.) The Studio next to the garage beacme known as the Magnetic Motorworks. When we tried to register a domain name, you can imagine what sort of trouble we had trying to get Magnetic (and even now we still get solicitations from Magnet manufacturers all over the world.)

CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN will be touring off and on Dates are posted on www.campervanbeethoven.com, and will be updated as new ones come in.

Want to see something interesting? here's what the screen of my laptop looks like when we're playing Tusk: TheNotTuskMax/MSPPatch

Just in case you need to see at least ONE of the movies that Jonathan has scored, the Invisibles is out on dvd and vhs and available to buy or rent - i've seen it at Hollywood video. The cover is stupid, but the movie isn't like that. it's rated a full "just average". yeah. now if i could only get paid for this one...

For some of the most outside music ever, check out Japan Improv's new Annual Magazine. In this first issue, Jonathan is playing in Brett Larner's M-7 guitar ensemble, scrubbing strings longitudinally so that they squeal in ways that no human would recognize as guitar. We actually did this a bunch all over the place, so there will be other recordings of it also...heh..

Victor Krummenacher, Jonathan Segel and David Lowery have completed the restoration of an old old Camper project....a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" (all 20 songs). OUT NOW and available from Pitch-A-Tent.

The Monks of Doom will get the covers record out as soon as we can pay Immergluck more than he can make being in Coca Cola commercials. We are discussing some touring based on David's availability away from the Counting Crows, but this probably won't happen until next year, at the earliest.


new online extra distrubution: we are now also part of the bay area's ULTRA INDEPENDENT RECORDING COALITION, a group of the weirdest and bestest music form the bay area, lots of improv, avant garde and whatnot.

We are distributed in the United States by Revolver and Carrot Top.

If you are an indie store looking to carry Magnetic CDs, please give either of them a call.

We are aligned with Pitch-A-Tent Records, David Lowery's record label. Online mailorder includes all the Magnetic music too, online sales and MP3 downloads!! Many fine artists available, including Kitty, Koester, Je Suis France and Camper Van Beethoven (who?).

Here's a link to the Pitch-A-Tent/Magnetic online store. The “retooled” Camper Van Beethoven CD titled “Camper Van Beethoven is Dead, Long Live Camper Van Beethoven,” is available HERE on the Pitch-A-Tent web site.

We are represented in Germany by Swamp Room Records, if you are in Europe, you can go to them for our CDs. email them at Swamp Room If you think you are in Europe but are actually in Holland, you can ask your record store to call Bertus Distribution as well, to find our CDs. In Japan, please ask at Modern Music record store on the 2nd floor of the Terada Bldg in Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, or make that Masonna guy get some of our discs at Alchemy in Nishsi-Shinsaibashi in Osaka.


MAG0023 Jonathan Segel "Non-Linear Accelerator" CD. Available 7/12003. $15.00 ppd.

MAG0022 Jonathan Segel "Edgy Not Antsy CD. Available 7/1/2003. $15.00 ppd.

MAG0020 Victor Krummenacher "NOCTURNE" CD. Available 7/1/2003. $15.00 ppd.

Place all orders to our normal address, Box 460816, SF CA 94146, and they will be handled, touched, licked, personally by us, we promise.

just a little note from the RIAA:

although we really should point out that this is disinformation at its best: downloading art without paying for it only would work in a communist society where the artists are sponsored by the state. in a capitalist society, it promotes the further division of class within the artistic community, that is to say that either an artist is a hobbyist who gives away their art for free or they are a professional who is sponsored by a corporation or the government. there is no longer the middle class level of sustenance-level artists within this current economy.