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Victor Krummenacher's Great Laugh
"Out In The Heat "

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Victor Krummenacher Bio

Victor Krummenacher's Great Laugh- Out In the Heat
  1. All Right
  2. Clean as Filth and Finesse
  3. Out in the Heat
  4. Insomniac
  5. ’48 or ’47
  6. The Resurrection Plant
  7. The Antebellum
  8. New Mexico
  9. Water Gone to Mist
  10. Not an Inch
  11. Evangelina Will Sleep No. 1
  12. Foot on the Pedal (Jornada del Muerte)
  13. Sister & Me
  14. Sweet Talking Bill
  15. As Real as Your Dreams

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Roundly praised by the American gay press, thoroughly ignored by mainstream rock journalists and more popular than Nick Cave in Valencia, Spain, these are the sounds of co-dependent, alcoholic city living run amok in the outback. Featuring ex-members of American Music Club, Poi Dog Pondering, and King Missile. Experience the music of San Francisco’s notorious A Great Laugh, and see what irony is all about.

Krummenacher’s first full length solo CD, featuring various recordings done both solo and with his next band, the notorious A Great Laugh, this album represents a real transformation of Victor’s abilities as a songwriter. The recordings represent the transition of a longtime band member going solo as well as undergoing more than a few personal trials and tribulations, which is to say it was written during a "dark phase."

Produced by Bruce Kaphan, Victor Krummenacher, & Chris Xefos.
Mixed by Bruce Kaphan.
Engineers: Oliver DiCicco, Greg Freeman, Christian Jones, Bruce Kaphan, David Ogilvy, Mark Stichman, Wally Sound.
Recorded at : Lowdown, Hyde Street, Mobius, Music Annex, Polymorph, The Wally Sound & private residences. 1994-1995.
Thanks: Fifth Business, Mark Eitzel and AMC, Marcy Straw and Michelle Kaphan.
Cover Photos: Edie Winograde