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Camper Van Chadbourne


Camper Van Chadbourne Bio

Camper Van Chadbourne

MAG0019 — CD
  1. Milestones 8:40
  2. Knock on the Door 7:18
  3. Right Track 6:50
  4. Summer Day Reflection 6:33
  5. Wiggles the Worm 9:56
  6. Saint John's River 10:40
  7. Good Year for the Wine 4:57
  8. Milestones (live in Ulrichsburg) 9:25

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Finally, a decently recorded Eugene Chadbourne disk… well, anyway, it’s the acoustic trio of Chad, Victor and Jonathan recorded at the Magnetic Motorworks, then sonically abetted by various field recordings from all over the world. Simultaneously inside and out there.