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Jonathan Segel
"Scissors and Paper"

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JONATHAN SEGEL: Scissors and Paper

"One Here and One Gone"

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Jonathan Segel - Scissors and Paper
MAG0013 - CD 1.
  1. Roiling Clouds 4:10
  2. Perfect Ears 5:56
  3. Remember How to Fly 5:01
  4. One Here and One Gone 2:27
  5. Voices in My Head 5:54
  6. Say Goodnight 4:55
  7. Glorious Arch 1:09
  8. People Will Stop at Nothing (to do something that no-one has done before) 5:36
  9. Wonder Woman 4:22
  10. Burning Plastic :57
  11. Lack 4:02
  12. Little Blue Fish 9:39

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The three year interim since former Camper Van Beethoven multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Segel’s last CD release (Jack & Jill’s "Fancy Birdhouse") found him either touring the globe playing with Capitol Records recording artists Sparklehorse or working on film sound effects at Dane Davis’ studio in Los Angeles, Danetracks. Both of these experiences are acoustically evident in Jonathan’s new CD, "Scissors and Paper." Definitely a darker and more reflective record, "Scissors and Paper" started its life in San Francisco with former Jack & Jill bandmates Russ Blackmar and Jane Thompson, but finished in Los Angeles between tours over the next two years as a solo project. Soulful and melodic guitar and violin work, mixtures of drums and machines, sound effects and guest vocals from Jane Thompson, the Loud Family’s Alison Faith Levy, and the Moth Wranglers’ Chris Xefos and ld beghtol all grace this recording.

  • Jonathan Segel
  • Russ Blackmar
  • with additional vocals by:
  • Jane Thompson
  • Alison Faith Levy
  • Chris Xefos
  • LD Beghtol

Most basic tracks recorded in 1997 at Black Eyed Pig Studios in San Francisco, Rick Wilson engineering. Everything else recorded at the Magnetic Motorworks in San Francisco or in the Magnetic Satellite in geosynchronous orbit above Hollywood, 1997-1999. Mixed at Tiny Telephone and the Department of Ways and Means in San Francisco, 1999, Greg Freeman engineering, and at the Magnetic Satellite. Mastered by Bob Stone at Bob Stone Mastering in the Valley, January 2000. Cover design by Edie Winograde at Magnetic East, NYC.