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Alison Faith Levy
" The Fog Show "


Alison Faith Levy Bio

Alison Faith Levy - The Fog Show
  1. intro
  2. waterdog
  3. china plates
  4. slow fade
  5. antigone
  6. landing field
  7. have a little dream
  8. the yellow ticket
  9. garden gate
  10. sunday night lonesome
  11. outro

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Alison’s “The Fog Show” is a beautiful and lyrical album from this Loud Family keyboardist. Her second solo cd, produced by the prodigious Chris Xefos, features Alison on piano and vocals plus one special guest musician on each song.

  • waterdog - eric berkvist on trombone
    china plates - valve la mancha on casio
    slow fade - sheila schat on cello
    antigone - chris enright on saxaphone
    landing field - doug hilsinger on electric slide whistle
    have a little dream - john moremen on electric 12 string guitar
    the yellow ticket - jeff carwhile on clarinet
    garden gate - david immergluck on pedal steel guitar
    sunday night lonesome - danny cao on trumpet

all songs © 1998 Strange Little Girl Music /ascap