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Mr. Krummenacher's Fifth Business
"The Prince of Lies b/w Robert"

Victor Krummenacher Bio

Mr. Krummenacher's Fifth Business - “The Prince of Lies b/w Robert”
MAG0003 - 7" Single

The Prince of Lies was Victor Krummenacher’s first solo oriented work, done with Fifth Business, his band from 1993-1994. Fifth Business featured Jonathan Segel (aka Dr. Firebrain), and Yuma Joe Byrnes, later of Tarnation. The surf rock versus southwest sounds of this single are some of the few remaining documents of what this unique and short lived band were capable of. Basically a hit piece on a lover, names are named and stories are told and we’ll leave it at that. Kind of like having dinner with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

    Mr. Krummenacher: Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Dr. Geronimo Firebrain: Guitar, Keys, Violin, Vocals
    Mr. Fessel: Guitar
    Yuma Joe: Drums, Percussion
    Shido: Bass, Zen

Recorded at Lowdown Studios
April 24 & May 20, 1994
Produced by Victor Krummenacher
Engineered and Mixed by Greg Freeman
Songs Written By Victor Krummenacher
Thanks: Adam Cohen, Greg Freeman, Ben James and Sam Sarno.
Management: Marcy Straw for Creative Musical Alternatives.