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Chaos Butterfly

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CHAOS BUTTERFLY: threelivingthings

Chaos Butterfly Bio

Chaos Butterfly - threelivingthings
MAG0025 - CD
  1. This Message 5:35
  2. Whirl of Suds 8:17
  3. Why Is It? 4:58
  4. Rocks & Numbers (part 1) 7:28
  5. A Perfect Idea 13:45
  6. Three Living Things 9:49
  7. Parallel 7:46
  8. Rocks & Numbers (part 2) 4:05
  9. Sleepy 8:01
  10. Aruanda 5:59

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  Jonathan Segel and Dina Emerson (Chaos Butterfly) come from various musical backgrounds spanning from Camper Van Beethoven and the Meredith Monk Ensemble to the opera and the orchestra to free improvisation and electronica to the Cirque du Soleil.
Performing as a duo, they incorporate several computers, singing, violins, guitars, wine glasses, etc. In concert they present a combination of outside improvisation and twisted song compositions, collaborating with a variety of special guests.