"I can hear them now..."

Risen from the ashes of Hieronymus Firebrain, Jack and Jill rocket forth divining greater meaning for the sordid world of pop music. A powerful trio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, J&J have so far recorded two CDs, "Chill and Shrill" (1995) and "Fancy Birdhouse" (1997). They mean everything that they say.

Russ Blackmar--Drums

Jane Thompson--Bass and Voice

Jonathan Segel--Guitar and Voice

They take turns at who gets to play Jack and who gets to play Jill.

russ & jane
j.e.s., russ, jane
Interview with Jonathan

Interview with Russ

Interview with Jane

or check the UBL Jonathan Segel page.

in 1999 "Jack and Jill" disbanded to various different cities. Subsequently Jonathan finished a solo cd with Russ and Jane working on it as well, "Scissors and Paper," Magnetic 2000.

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