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Jonathan Segel
"Apricot Jam"

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Jonathan Segel Bio

Jonathan Segel - Apricot Jam
MAG2002 - CD
  1. Apricot 13:32
  2. Sunset 8:16
  3. I Heart My Doghead 8:00
  4. Listen 5:31
  5. It's Pretty Out There 13:45
  6. Cloud, Heavy With Rain 5:31
  7. danger Machinery Starts Immediately 10:45
  8. All Attractions 9:06

For AUDIO samples, see the Bandcamp page HERE

This is the bonus disc that comes with All Attractions

After the last basic tracks were recorded for the accompanying CD "All Attractions", John Hanes (drums), Victor Krummenacher (bass), Graham Connah (organ) and Jonathan Segel (guitar) jammed for several hours. These were 6 tracks, which started there, taken home and made into composition out of the improvisation, (which is always super fun.)

"Dynamic Jonathan Segel, the hottest fireball to explode on the American popular music scene over the last decade, is widely recognized today as this country's most exciting rock'n'roll singer. In the course of a few scant months in the late summer of 2011, he leapt from obscurity to become one of America's top box-office attractions and a leading television personality. Jonathan, however, is the first to admit that his amazing success—indeed, his entire career in show business—would never have been possible had it not been for the solid foundations of rock'n'roll cemented in position by his contemporaries across the Atlantic—singers who have helped to further the popularity of rock'n'roll throughout the world. Many stellar "big beat" artists immediately spring to mind, and on this record—waxed before a wildly enthusiastic audience at Columbia's Abbey Road (London) Studios on February 8, 2011, Jonathan pays tribute to the established "giants" of rock by performing a selection of their best known disc hits in his own distinctive style."


Jonathan Segel plays guitar, violin, synths, theremin .

Victor Krummenacher plays bass

John Hanes plays drums.

Graham Connah plays Hammond Organ

Cover art by Michael Wertz